Supporting Dairy Farmers - one at a time

Orange Cross exists because a farmer (sharemilker) didn't like his wife nagging him about the paperwork -  almost as much as he hated the paperwork.   We want to help those who are looking to grow their experience and knowledge by supporting industry events.

For the 2020 Dairy Industry Awards we are second tier sponsors for the Hauraki/Auckland and Waikato Regions.  Anyone can apply for a free Orange Cross profile that will allow them to:

  • Create an Emergency Plan - unique to the farm you are on
  • Generate a Risk register - use our templates (dozens of them) or generate yourself
  • Record things that are important to your HnS system
    • training of staff
    • maintenance
    • meetings
    • accidents/near miss/ whoops that was close and other events
  • Link through to other online resources (like HazChem register)

If you enter NZDIA awards for 2020 we will give you $100 Orange Cross credit.

Dairy Industry Awards -2020

Free Orange Cross profiles are available to anyone.  The difference between free and full membership can be found here (opens in new tab).

Filling in the form below will give you the full version until March 2020.

For those entering the awards for 2020 we also offer a single 15min virtual-training* to help get the most out of the system.  It involves you committing to a time with a phone (so we can talk to you) and a PC/laptop (so you can see our screens).  

Although only sponsoring two regions we will make this offer available to anyone entering the competition.

*the catch - this free session will be with one of our team at a time that is agreeable to both you and us.... we are most flexible when we book things at least a week in advance - so please don't fill this in with 2days before your event or on the day of a Worksafe audit!

Apply For Free Orange Cross Profile - DIA 2020

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Thanks for submitting - one of the team will contact you when we have pimped your profile. All the best for the rest of the competition !


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