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What if we go Level 4

Plan for worst - hope for best

We are not experts in pandemic responses.  We do know a little about business continuity plans and we will do a few  posts about how you can think about things should your region/all NZ are placed in LEVEL 4 response to COVID19 (link to govt site)

Every farm/business is different and these are not solutions.  They are prompts to get you to think about what makes sense for your business.  It is easier to have thought about these ideas BEFORE you need to use them.   

People - Make sure everyone is well

We will do three posts People; Communication; Business Getting through

Our first priority is our people.  

Your family and staff need to be taken care of.  

  • Look after yourself – ensure that you have the resources to do what you need to do.  Like the airlines say – put your own Oxygen mask on first so you can help others.  You need to be in a good place emotionally and physically to get through this.  You will need:
    • Good food and sleep
    • People to talk to by phone or internet if not in person 
    • A ‘through it’ goal.  Maybe it’s a couple of days off farm planned for when this is over or just a session at the local bar with loaded fries and a few cold beverages
  • Look after staff and their families
    • Ensure everyone is well rested and help them if they need to support others.
    • Ensure everyone who is likely to be working on farm is inducted 
      • Include students who maybe on farm
      • Include friends and family that maybe on farm that are usually not
    • Have protective wear for extra people should they be needed on farm
    • Supermarkets will remain open for L4
      • Consider one person collecting from store all supplies.  
      • Talk now about what this may look like for staff and their families
      • Include all supplies that come to farm 
  • Add neighbours to your farm directory.  
    • They may need help or 
    • they maybe the help you need.  
    • Make sure everyone can contact them
  • Make plans for those with children.
    • L4 means educational facilities are closed.  
    • For older students this may not mean much difference to you but for primary aged children you need to consider how will that will be managed
    • If you are going to have children on farm ensure that you document your thinking and update your risk register to show that you have looked at and are managing the risks
  • You may need financial flexibility
    • Considering this now will help with your mental health when the time comes
    • talk to your bank, accountant and even IRD as there are facilities to help through these uncharted times.
    • Talk to these people before you need them. 
    • Call them now to see if they are thinking ahead and what help you maybe able to tap into
  • You need to be flexible in staffing
    • L4 is where the disease is not contained.
    • What happens if one or all of you are unable to complete tasks on farm.
    • Who comes in
    • Where to they come from
    • How do you house them
    • How do you induct them to farm and keep them from contacting the disease

One place for Information

We have updated (MARCH 2020) our web page with the COVID19 link to NZ government resources and information.  It will remain there until the pandemic is declared over by the relevant authorities.

Stay safe folks.

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