COVID 19 - omicron variant

We care passionately about the NZ Agrisector.  We help them record and manage their safety and health protocols.  The links above are the NZ govt site and our own prompts about the 2020 pandemic.   Pandemic control plans are now available on the Orange Cross portal (available since 24 March 2020)  

Suggestions for Track n Trace [here].  In December 2021 NZ moved to a traffic light system.   We recommend  government resources for information about how to work in this system.

Helping you meet your Health & Safety obligations

Orange Cross is a tool to help farmers with their Health and Safety obligations. It is created by farmers for farmers and is strongly aligned to the Dairy Farmers of New Zealand.

Orange Cross was born from a belief that NZ Farmers want to keep their people and themselves safe and healthy - it has, historically, just been "too hard" to document. That is why many people can get a free Orange Cross account.  There is no excuse for not starting to record your farm H&S system.
Orange Cross will help you induct people to your farm in a simple and effective manner. Once inducted they will be able to search your Risk register to enable them to work safely.  Staff will be able to raise an incident that will help you tune your system over time. Everyone will have the same information.
We have lots of features coming and will work with our users to prioritise them.
Contact us and see if what we have will work for you.

Discussions and Blogs

The On-Farm Health & Safety Tool


Easy to setup. Easy to use. We'll get you back to the farm faster.

Any Device

Works across all devices. Information is stored in the cloud and automatically updated on all your devices.


We're NZ farmers too. We promise to keep using our good old Kiwi ingenuity to update Orange Cross.

Chilling in Te Pahu

This is Andrew. He is using Orange Cross to help meet his H&S obliligations.

No animals were harmed in the making of this video

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