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We are a kiwi company and we know you sometimes just want to have a human to talk to. So call us. If we are with other clients we will call you back. 
If you want a free account you can get it by having a contractor send you information.  If you want to trial Orange Cross you can select the single month trial in the store:  Trial here

Help Desk

Although anyone can use Orange Cross to help with their H&S obligations it is pretty strongly aligned to the NZ farming sector. For that reason, (and because we are busy on farm too), our help desk hours are when we think you are most likely to be needing us.

9am – 2pm Seven days

6 - 9 pm Monday - Thursday

Emergency - 111

If you or anyone is in immediate danger.  Contact the emergency services by dialling 111 and stay on the line until they are present.  Follow their instructions.

WorkSafe Audit / Shed inspection

If you have an urgency - due to the timing of a shed inspection or an audit by your suppliers and/or customers then let us know and we can work with you to complete your profile.   Use the contact forms below giving as much detail as possible

Farmer/Biz Owner

Contracting to Ag Sector

HnS advisor

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Your application has been sent. We will contact you when profile is complete

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Your application has been accepted - we will contact you when your profile is complete

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Thanks for contacting us . We will contact you in the next few business days

All our prices are exclusive of GST. Charges are monthly except for Signup Package.
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