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Orange Cross Users - FAQs

Can anyone use Orange Cross?

Short answer: Yes
Longer answer: It will take you longer to set up if you are not a NZ based Dairy Farmer. We have a number of templates that allow a Dairy Farmer to generate critical induction information. It is quick to set up (and free). If farmers (business owners) want to share induction material with people they need to have full functionality.

If you are interested in trying Orange Cross for your non-farming business, we may be able to help you with that, or you can ask your H&S professional to contact us.

How do I share key H&S information?

You need a name and an email address – and then they are all ready to go.

Sharing key information is a function of a Full Orange Cross membership.

Free vs Full Membership

Who can I induct?

Anyone with an email address can be inducted to your business.

We make sharing key information easy - it makes the basis of your induction. It does not replace good communication and common sense.

Sharing key information is a function of a Full Orange Cross membership.

Free vs Full Membership

Do I have to have a smart phone?

Orange Cross is designed to work on any internet enabled device. You can use a tablet/iPad or a laptop or a PC. You cannot get information to your phone unless it is smart. Orange Cross can be accessed by ANY smart phone – iPhone; Android or Windows phones.

What do I need?

You need to show you are active in managing H&S.

The Worksafe (NZ Government department) has the most comprehensive information on what you need on their WorkSafe Agriculture web page.

Some has changed so you may find it quicker to check our links to their resources on our pages.

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Links to our help pages

Setting up Orange Cross

How long will it take to set up?

We recommend that you break your set-up into about three different blocks of work

  • Farm Set up (10min)
    • You will go to the menu on the top right, under your name. It will allow you to fill in stuff that you already know: where to meet in an emergency; supplier number; etc
    • We have a default policy statement or you can add your own. You can edit it to make it specific to your farm, e.g. if you have a particular sign in process etc.
  • Risk Register (30 - 40min)
    • We have nearly 200 templates for you to select from. It will take about five minutes to select those relative to your farm
    • Go to the second item on the top menu (RISK REGISTER)
    • Select (ADD RISK WIZARD)
    • Follow instructions and select what you want (you can delete them later if they are not relevant and you select by mistake)
    • It will take about a minute per risk to review them (this is the biggest time component)
  • Contacts List (20min)
    • You have "buckets" for staff; contractors and farm contacts as well as pending invites.
    • When you add a staff member or a contractor they will stay in the pending invite section until they add your profile to their own (free Orange Cross) profile.
    • You have complete control. You can revoke access to any staff or contractor at any time.
    • We are preparing help screens here to help with common setup.

You will have a great tool at your disposal within minutes. Although it can take up to an hour to get it completely reviewed. You can do it a little at a time.

For those committing to a minimum of 12 months subscription we cover up to an hour with one of the team (virtual - stay at your place) to go over the setup.  If you want to stay on the free version - but want a hand setting it up we have an hourly charge rate.

Can I use Orange Cross offline?

At the moment you need to have internet access to view the most up-to-date information. You will need data or wifi on the device you are using (phone, laptop, tablet, iPad).

Do I have to have a smart phone?

Orange Cross is designed to work on any internet enabled device. You can use a tablet/iPad or a laptop or a PC. You cannot get information to your phone unless it is smart. Orange Cross can be accessed by ANY smart phone – iPhone; Android or Windows phones.

Can I set up using my phone?

You can. We recommend that you use a PC or laptop for your initial setup but you can use a cell phone if you really need to. Once you are set up you can use a portable device – like your phone – easily.

Using Orange Cross

How do I share induction information?

You will need an email address for the individual or business that you want to induct. It will take as long as it takes to add their details.

Your emergency plan and Risk register* will be view-able to anyone who you send the link to.

You can revoke access at any time.

Staff will have the ability to raise an incident directly to your portal.

(Any Risks in pending state will not be shared)
Farmer sharing is a function of full membership (free vs full)

Someone has had an accident. Can I use Orange Cross to record it?


A staff member can raise an incident directly in the portal.
A contractor you have invite - who has full membership - can raise an incident.

You may edit the actions taken and results of any investigation to the incident.

If someone else raises an incident on your farm it will show on your portal immediately.

How do I record Maintenance?

You can raise an incident against the bike/tractor/asset and record maintenance that is required or completed. If an external contractor is completing the work you can get them to raise it when they have completed the work! When you search the incident register you will see the history of the bike/tractor.

Can anyone just come onto the farm after I have shared my information?

No. The sharing of your information gives someone right of access. It does not remove the need to communicate with those working on the farm regarding your movements (especially if you are a contractor).

It is important to review the hazards/risks that have changed since you were last on the farm - we have made the risk register default to the most recent changes at the top.

Can I use a H&S professional?

Absolutely. Often those that are not working on farm everyday are able to see things clearer than we can. Orange Cross can be tailored to your farm business as much or as little as you want. Your H&S professional can use Orange Cross and, if you allow, we can give them access to your farm in a similar manner to you.

How do I add something to the system?

As a farm owner you can add a risk or an incident to the register at any time. Everyone you have inducted will be able to see that new information.

Staff inducted to the farm can raise an incident – just detail what it is that you have seen or done. The farm owner can then manage it: it may relate to an existing risk profile, it may be a new risk previously not identified, it may be an accident or it may be something that requires training or maintenance. You are responsible for letting the farmer know but it is the farmers responsibility to manage the incident from there.

I have been inducted how do I find a risk (or hazard) that is relative to me?

Search a word – any word. It could be a location (eg paddock) or it could be something like 'Fuel'. The risks that are on the farm with those words will be shown.

LOGIN.  (If you have multiple farms on your profile select the one you want to view.)

GO to Risk Register Tab

use the search function on the right and add 3 letters.   Any risk with those in the title or control plan will show (filtering out others)

Can I record staff competencies?

We have some farmers that add their staff as a RISK. They then list the vehicles that the staff member can use. If more training is required, that training can be recorded as an incident and the risk updated.

Alternatively you can raise an incident when a staff member has reached competency - eg you are happy that they can control an implement/trailer on back of tractor...

Orange Cross Pricing

How much does it cost?

It is free for those you are inducting. Free accounts are available to those who just want to be inducted to farms (eg casual staff or those relief milking on multiple farms). Staff have free accounts. Orange Cross costs $35 per month (if you commit for at least 12 months) for each farm – regardless of how many users you have.  If you want flexibility in how long you commit for you can go onto the $50/m.

Contractors pay a monthly fee based on the number of staff etc they have (no staff is free). Contact us to see if you need a paid version at all. If so we will be fair and reasonable.

*All prices exclude GST.

GST receipt will be issued on payment.

What signs are available?

Gateway signs x2   (900 x 600mm)

Assembly point sign (300 x 200mm)

Loading ramp sign (300 x 200 mm)

'Whiteboard' top risk notice board (450 x 300mm)


We offer these with minimal margin as you agree to use them as appropriate.  See store

How do I pay for it?


  • you can pay directly via our web page ordering for subscription of your choice (buy here)
  • payment by direct debit gives you uninterrupted access and also options for date of charging (eg 21st/16th  to cover milk cheque clearance).  This requires manual input by the Orange Cross team

If I do not pay what happens to my data?

We encourage you to use a direct debit form or automatic payment (you set up with bank). If you miss a month we will 'deactivate' your account.

Your data will remain on the system and some functions will be lost when you move to the free version.

We really want people to use SOMETHING.  We want to ensure that you can save information to prove that you are doing things to keep people safe. If you are using the free profile regularly we will not deactivate (delete) your account.

Before we deactivate we will try and contact you.  If we cannot contact you we may delete your profile and any records that you have generated.

Discounts - Loyalty Bonus'

We believe in transparency and fairness.

We offer loyalty bonus' to those who have supported us over time.  
  • Locked in subscription pricing
    • For those who have subscribed for over a year we will not increase pricing even when extra functions are added. 
    • For those wishing to move to credit card payment (from DD or AP from banks) you can choose the 'grandfathered' subscription.  Call the team on 0800 467 263 and we can help out.
  • Discounts on replacement signs
    • Loyal customers will receive at least a 20% discount on all replacement/new signage on our web store.  

I am a professional and want to use Orange Cross – how can I do that?

Contact us at to find out more about using Orange Cross with your clients and partnering with us.

All our prices are exclusive of GST unless stated. Charges are monthly except for Signup Package.
Our store has credit card facilities and prices are GST inclusive
View our Terms and Conditions here.

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