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Track and Trace L2

Level 2 is the biggest change to farmers in the entire COVID response.  

Not because we will do anything differently – but because we will need to track and trace (as with every kiwi).  

If you – or someone you know, or a person at a café you went to, or someone who called into the farm store the same day as you…. is found to have COVID19 then you will be contacted and need to tell people where you have been for the last two weeks.

Each store has a responsibility to track and trace under L2 and so you may have to sign in or make some other declaration.  You will be contacted if someone on that list on the same day tests positive.

You have a responsibility to also record your personal life.  If you get contacted (because you test positive or you have been exposed to someone who has) you will need to give information for up to two weeks movement.   For those of us who struggle to remember why we walked into the lounge 30s ago this is going to be a challenge.

We have done some looking around for you.  There are apps available, there are more popping up every day.  Most of them rely on having both data/WiFi  and GPS/ location functions turned on all the time.  Some seem to be particularly greedy on battery life.

The government is looking at rolling out a phone app but there are privacy concerns and some places where there is limited success.  Again the rural sector has issues with cell reception and costs associated with telecoms.

Given that none of us are likely to be receiving any funds for wage subsidies or other covid relief funds we have detailed our picks that are FREE.

Google has an opton (FREE)

Google Timeline (available via Maps). 

You can get to it from the Google Maps site by clicking on the menu and going to 'Your Timeline' or from the Google Maps app by clicking on your profile picture and then going to 'Your Timeline'. You can edit and add stops, and add a 'personal place' which you could add contact/friend details to.

As with other systems it means Google is tracking where they're going, but ... it is free

In your hand / Snap it option (FREE)

How do you record your movements without big brother watching you?

Most of us have smart phones.

Most of us can use the smart phone camera. 

So just take a photo of the stores you visit, a photo of your mates house or even their lovely  faces that you have missed over the last month or so…

Snap it.  Your phone will automatically time stamp it, if you have your location on it will record that as well (will use more battery esp in rural locations). 

We love this solution because it is – simple, cheap and reliable.  It requires more involvement than the automatic systems but am sure you can get into the habit.

With luck you wont need it… but it is simple to retrieve should you need to.


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