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Level One - not level None

Where were you 10 days ago?

For many of us, we are just venturing out of AB and for the first time in awhile we are going to more places than the farm store and Vet clinic.   So where have you been in the last 10 days - can you remember where and when you were off farm?

The covid tracing app is an important part of the Level One controls.  If everyone uses it and there is a case (which is possible) then any restrictions can be localised and short - because tracing those at risk is easy.

Can't scan ? Just Snap

For those who do not have data plans, are out of wifi or just choose not to load the covid app on their phone - we suggest you take a photo of the places you have been.

Photos will have a time and date stamp on them and will help with traceability.

The covid app does not use any data when you are out and about - but you do need to have data turned on for the scanning to work.

Covid Poster

We cannot create the Covid poster for you.  You can create one for your business by following this link. [here]

You will need the following information:

  • NZ Drivers Licence
  • Business Number (search function available for registered companies)
    • For those in a non-company trading role there is a lookup for the type of business you are in    
  •  Address of business (and self if different)
  • Your email

The process is simple . If you are running a second business from the same premises a single code is suitable as long as the access areas are likely to overlap (eg farm and hospitality).  f your staff are visiting other businesses that do not have the poster they can manually input where they have been.


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