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Inducting Staff to site

How to induct staff

So you have new staff and the season is already happening and you want to know where to start.  We recommend the resources at DairyNZ for anyone (even the non Dairy people and non farming people).  They are really comprehensive and you can save them to your PC for tweeking and making your own.

Staff are most likely to read and be engaged in your porcesses when they first arrive.  Take time to go through the things that you may think are "normal" and make sure that you allow them to do what you have asked them to do. 

For dairy farmers - if you are showing them how to set up the plant - get them to set it up.  Check the pipework and switches are in the right place.  You thought that the early calver was a pain - she is your training opportunity.  Use the first couple of weeks to make sure that everyone knows what to expect - it's going to be busy enough soon enough.

To add them to your Orange Cross portal:

  • Contacts - button/tab
  • Staff - tab
  • Add staff - button
  • Name and email
  • (add as many as you want to add) 
  • invite - button


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