Price Rise

Increased Costs

It has been a long time since we reviewed pricing.

We no longer offer coreflute solutions for outside products like signs and we have had increases in costs that we have absorbed through the last two years.  We cannot sustain that so from October 2022 our monthly subscription will rise to $40 plus GST a month.  New Clients only,

We are grateful for the clients that have supported us as we have fine tuned our processes and the product.  There are over 600 templates (and that excludes the pandemic ones) available on the portal.  All fields are editable and we have hospitality clients as well as sports clubs.  Those who have an active subscription at the end of September 2022 will have their pricing locked in and see no change to their costs.

If you volunteer for a non-profit organisation that needs something that is on line - give the team a call and we will see if we can work something out for you.

Share with friends and family

The more people we have using Orange Cross the easier it is for us to keep our prices down.  If you have friends and family who are farming too, discussion group leaders or squash/tennis/golf  club mates encourage them to contact us and we will see if Orange Cross will work for them.


  • Price per month : $35 +GST = $40.25/m (min 12 m)
  • Price per year: $420 +GST = $483/y 

From October 2022

  • Price per month : $40 +GST = $46/m (min 12 m)
  • Price per year: $480 +GST = $552/y

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