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Types of Accounts

Free vs Full Membership

Farmers / Biz Owners

Free Features - Farmer/Biz Owner

Available when a contractor shares to you their risk profile and HnS information.

  • Access from anywhere 
    • Any internet connected device allows you to view your HnS information
    • You can edit at any time - even from the sofa
  • Generate a risk register (replaces unread file in office)
    • use our templates (dozens) 
    • write your own - no limit to number, can be about anything
  • Generate a Policy and Emergency Plan
    • Use your own policy statement or be "inspired" by our default
    • Policy includes biosecurity information
    • Record key people for emergencies
  • Record actions 
    • incidents like maintenance
    • record meetings
    • accidents, injury , near miss
    • training or even disciplinary conversations
    • record staff competencies

Receive risk information from contractors - saving multiple contractors on your profile

Full Membership - Farmer/Biz Owner

includes the free things PLUS

  • you can share your information with staff
  • you can share your information with contractors (incl worksafe when they audit)
  • you can remove access to your information (incl worksafe after the audit is finished)
  • Access the helpdesk service
  • Let staff raise incidents 
  • Allows multiple admin access to the farm profile
  • Ability to export risk register and incidents to Word, EXCEL, TX and csv files

Have your HnS advisor added as an admin person so they can overview your system and advise using it.

Helpdesk offers review service for up to an hour a year (we are not HnS advisors) for those on subscription.  This is a virtual service (we share our screens with you) .  You can access your information from where ever you have an internet connection.

Getting a Free Orange Cross account

Free version for my farm/biz - Introduced by Contractor

When a contractor shares their information with you

  •  you create a login when accepting their infomration
  • A default policy document appears
  • you can load a farm map
  • you have access to the contractors information.

You can save Orange Cross to your phone (to look like an app)directions are here

If you are not sure if you want to use Orange Cross for your farm you can do a trial of the full version for a couple of months [here] and we will spend time with you to get you up and running.   If you choose Orange Cross going forward the cost of the trial is deducted from any subscribtion you select.

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Your application has been accepted - we will contact you when your profile is complete

For Contractors


  • Generate a profile with key contact information
  • Generate a policy document from scratch or use our template
  • Generate a risk register from scratch yourself or using our templates
  • Share your profile and risks with farmers
  • Receive Induction information from farmers who choose Orange Cross


  • Visibility on our database for farmers to find you
    • farmers can search for you - you cannot search for them
  • When they find you it will initiate a "handshake" with them sharing key H&S information automatically
  • Delegate to your staff the profiles of farmers that share with you
    • Farmer can revoke your access at any time
    • Helpdesk support - freephone on system use (we are not H&S advisory)
    • Your staff can raise incidents for you to manage relating to maintenance, training, accidents and even H&S meetings
  • Incident management
    • Record incidents from staff or self that can be saved for internal use
    • Record incidents from staff or self that can be shared with Farmers with FULL Orange Cross membership
    • Record incidents from staff or self from external to site


I'm a farmer and want access

You can get a free Orange Cross account when a contractor you know shares their information with you.

A free Orange Cross account lets you generate a Risk Register (using our templates or your own); record training; incidents; maintenance; H&S meetings; you can also generate the information for your emergency plan - all for free. You need to have full Orange Cross membership to share your induction information with others (Staff or Contractors).

I service farmers and want an account

For contractors you can get a free Orange Cross account when a farmer you know shares their information with you.

If you don't want to wait for a farmer you can get a free Orange Cross account by applying below. A free account lets you generate a risk register and share it with farmers.

With a free account you cannot delegate information to staff nor can you be "found" by farmers on the Orange Cross directory.

Non Agriculture Use

Although our templates are designed for Dairy Farmers (in NZ) and those servicing them we have other users who are using Orange Cross to share their key information. If you want to explore that option use the contacts tab and we will be in touch.

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