Orange Cross believes most farmers are doing good things to keep staff healthy and safe.  They are just a bit rubbish at recording it.

This Health and Safety Checklist will help you review where you are at - and any gaps that you may have.

Orange Cross is a simple solution to help SHOW that you are doing what you say you are doing and keep records of it.  Our free version does more than most systems that you pay for:

  • record farm policy statement
  • record biosecurity information
  • dozens of templates for risk registers with draft control plans
  • ability to record maintenance, training, meetings etc

Upgrade to share your information with those coming to farm - staff and contractors.

We believe you shouldn't have to give us any details if you just want to find out what it costs for an upgrade so the information is [here]  

This health and safety checklist is free - no obligation - and you can share it with others.  Although it is a checklist for farm Health and Safety it can be used in any business.

To copy the health and safety checklist to others just share our page or contact us and we can forward it out to them.


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