Hey townie - we got ya back

Not all heroes wear capes

Don’t worry townies – we got ya back

The only reason people get to fight over toilet rolls and panic buy coffee (cheers Wellington for putting that in perspective) is because you out-source your hunting and gathering to farmers. 

As our country takes on the WWII of our generation it is time to remind some of how fortunate they are to have that opportunity to sit in cafes, have lunch breaks and take holidays.   Maybe this will be our generation’s forced awakening -  to the fact that we are in this together and we are not alone.

The rural sector in NZ has felt attacked and marginalised over the last few years. Mental health is deteriorating.  Suicides in Ag number one a fortnight.   Most beat ups come from media that prey on the fact that we have a generation (or two) that don’t know a single farmer.   When you only ‘know’ farmers from the media you only see the ratbags and rogues.  NZ largest co-op is used as a bashing board (sometimes rightly so) and the foreign-owned dairy companies lay low and take profits offshore, smug in the knowledge that they only have to pay the co-op price till it collapses then they will offer near cost and take more profits off shore.   

By some measures, NZ economy is less than 4% Dairy, [rebuttal here].  As the suits now self isolate - in mansions in Remuera - they will be finding their nutritional needs met by farmers  - either from abroad for nuts and beans, or from local fresh growers of world class primary products.

I believe we are still an export nation and over 30% of our export earnings come from the primary sector.    Tourism has been a contenter to over take in the past –  it is already collapsing, collapsing  fast.

Farmers will still get up and work, tend their stock, tend the land and nuture the waterways.   They will be supported by over 50,000 people processing, transporting and arranging delivery of the consumer product.

Ag Commodity prices firmed in 2008 and cushioned NZ from the GFC.   I think we can do it again for 2020.

Take this chance to thank the kiwis who get out of bed 7 days a week to make food for the world and income for your country – so you can panic over toilet paper.

We got ya NZ.

You are not alone


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