Hide and Seek

March 29, 2020

Don't be a Dick

WARNING - THIS IS ANOTHER RANT FROM THE CEO Why stay at home… ?  surely I can just pop out for some ”fresh air” by driving 10 mins down the road??  But we LOVE  that park, walkway etc... This is a national level experience of one of childhoods ...
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Not all heroes wear capes

Don’t worry townies – we got ya back The only reason people get to fight over toilet rolls and panic buy coffee (cheers Wellington for putting that in perspective) is because you out-source your hunting and gathering to farmers.  As our country takes on the WWII of...
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Who likes meetings at the best of times?

We are farmers, our clients are (mostly) farmers.  People who love farming and people who love meetings are often not the same person.  You got into farming because you didn't like working indoors, you thought animals (cows in particular) were more predictable than...
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